The Importance Of Selecting A Qualified Surgeon For Your Abdominoplasty

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Fat deposits in the abdominal area can sometimes be quite difficult to get rid of even after exercising. When you lose a large amount of weight, you can end up with sagging skin and abdominal muscles that are overstretched. During pregnancy, the skin around the abdomen gets stretched and the abdominal muscles get separated more so after several pregnancies.

Abdominoplasty can help you to get a flat tummy that is well toned and one that is attractive. You can finally fully enjoy the efforts that you made to lose a large amount of weight and you can once again enjoy your pre-pregnancy figure.

Selecting A Suitable Surgeon

Selecting a surgeon is an important decision that you will have to make since the results of a well done tummy tuck can last you a lifetime. It is therefore a good idea to ensure that your surgeon is board certified as this means that he is qualified to perform the procedure. It also means that the procedure will be performed in an accredited facility such as a hospital so that you can be safe in case any complications arise during the surgery.

A qualified surgeon will carry out the procedure professionally and the risks will be minimized which will also lead to a faster recovery. You should find a surgeon who has many years of experience in conducting the procedure.

Consulting With Your Surgeon

After you have identified a qualified surgeon, you will go for a consultation so that the surgeon can examine you to ascertain that you are a good candidate for an abdominoplasty. Sydney is the home of experienced surgeon that you can trust for for abdominoplasty procedure. You will then discuss how the procedure will be conducted including the technique that will be used to get the best results. It is important to find out how the recovery process will be and how long you will be expected to be off work.

You should find out how complications are handled and ask for specific examples of previous complications. You should understand the risks involved so that you can make an informed decision as to whether to go through with the procedure. You should also go through before and after pictures to get an idea of what to expect from the surgery.

Recovery From Abdominoplasty

After an abdominoplasty, you may be in hospital for two to three days as the healing process can be painful due to the muscle repair that is carried out during surgery. The surgeon may use a pain pump on you to manage the pain during this time. During your hospital stay, you will be placed in a bent position so that pressure on the abdomen is reduced. You will walk in a bent position for the first few days after which you will be able to walk upright.

It is possible to resume work after two weeks but you should not lift heavy objects until six weeks are over. You should avoid strenuous exercises for two months but you can begin jogging five weeks after the procedure. The scars can take half a year to a full year to soften and it also takes about this time for the tension in the abdomen to loosen up. In order to maintain the results of the procedure, you need to exercise and eat a healthy diet in order keep your ideal weight.