Is CPAP Worth It?

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The continuous positive airway therapy (CPAP) is used to treat obstructive sleep apnea. This is a sleep disorder where your airway gets blocked as you sleep causing you to take shallow breaths or to stop breathing for a few seconds. The therapy uses a CPAP machine to blow air that has been pressurized down your throat to keep the windpipe open. You can breathe in the pressurized air through the use of a CPAP mask. You can purchase your equipment for CPAP direct online once you have a prescription from your doctor.

How CPAP Pressure Is Determined

Medical devices such as CPAP machines require a prescription in order to purchase them. The machines have to be set using the pressure settings that have been prescribed by the doctor. The doctor comes up with the settings after conducting a sleep study on you to determine the severity of the sleep apnea. The prescription is also important since insurance companies will not pay for the equipment without it.

Using a CPAP machine that has incorrect settings may render the therapy ineffective and it can be harmful to your health. When purchasing your machine for CPAP direct online, a technician will use your prescription to set the machine and these settings should not be altered.

Buying CPAP Devices Online

In addition to a machine, you need to purchase a tube and a mask in order to go through CPAP therapy. Your prescription may specify the type of machine that you should use – whether it should be an automatic or a fixed pressure machine. The automatic machine adjusts the pressure automatically depending on your needs during therapy.

On the other hand, the fixed pressure machine provides a constant pressure throughout the therapy. Normally your doctor will include a mask in your prescription but may not specify the type of mask. You therefore will have the freedom to look for a mask that is fitting and one that is comfortable for you.

How To Buy A Mask Online

When buying a mask for CPAP direct online, you will not have the benefit of trying it out to check whether it can fit. However, masks that are sold online come with different sizes of cushions so that you can try them out until you get a good fit. It is very important for your mask to fit properly so that the pressurized air does not leak. Leakage of the air interferes with the effectiveness of the therapy and can cause your eyes to get irritated.

Masks are padded with a variety of materials including silicone and gel which are flexible and take up the shape of your face. If your skin is sensitive to a certain material, you should change to another material to avoid developing a rash.

Benefits Of Online Buying

If you opt to buy your equipment for CPAP direct online, you will have a wide variety to choose from. It will also be less costly for you since online vendors normally buy in bulk and therefore get good rates which means they can also sell at good rates. You can also choose the items you need and get them delivered from the convenience of your home.